DOCUMENTATION: Resynchronizing your journal

Manual resynchronization

LJ-Sec will automatically resynch with your journal every time you run the program, adding any posts that you have made since the last synchronization. However, there may occasionally be a time where you wish to manually resynchronize the journal, to download any new posts or changes that have happened since you started the program.

BEFORE CHANGING THE SECURITY OF YOUR POSTS, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT THE JOURNAL IS SYNCHRONIZED AND UP TO DATE! If you have made any changes not synchronized with LJ-Sec, these changes could be lost!

To ensure this does not happen, hit the "Resynchronize" button on the top right hand side.

Completely refreshing the archive

The only reason you really want to do this is if you have deleted posts. One of the unfortunate things about the Livejournal API is that the synchronization routine does not keep track of posts that you end up deleting outside of LJ-Sec. Performing security changes on deleted posts could cause Livejournal to throw an error. The only way to keep track of deleted posts is to perform a complete refresh.

Use the "Refresh All Items" menu item to perform this task. This takes quite a bit longer to perform than a simple resynchronization, obviously, so don't use this option if you don't have to!

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