DOCUMENTATION: Revision list
Date Revision Notes
03/13/12 0.90 Added advanced options: adjust delay between processing; add / delete / edit property meta tags; view meta tag string
12/27/11 0.87 Fixes issues with using the interface of other journals (dropdown issues, issues with the journal file name)
11/08/11 0.86 Support for recent LJ codebase changes
07/06/11 0.85 Added feature allowing you to add text to the beginning or end of each post
05/24/11 0.81 Minor bugfix related to journal dates.
02/25/11 0.80 You are now given the option of keeping partial syncs.
Fixes made that should improve this program's compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
09/29/10 0.79 Auto-login with an invalid login would cause an infinite loop. Fixed.
09/08/10 0.78 Minor fix to enhance protection from null errors
08/09/09 0.77 Further fixes to remove the IE dependency
08/02/09 0.76 After updates, the scroll position and sort do not change -- much easier for large journal updates
Tag column added to the main list view
IE dependency is now optional. If the EXE runs on a non-IE system, text (without the fancy HTML) will be rendered.
07/01/09 0.75 Fixes the find screen so that checking and unchecking items actually works
Adds new option to find duplicate posts
01/12/09 0.74 Fixes metadata problem when reposting entries
Adds new option for metadata: transfer common metadata or attempt to transfer all metadata
Load new configuration and relogin menu option now actually works
12/26/08 0.73 Fixes more configuration file initialization issues
10/31/08 0.72 Fixes the "cannot write to config file" error on login
01/30/08 0.71 Configuration savings was broken in 0.70 -- fixed
01/29/08 0.70 Added adult flag management to LJ-Sec
Added the ability to bulk add or replace tags
Added the ability to edit items offline
Default journal file behavior for communities now a lot more user friendly
Added the ability to clear the configuration
Added a quick "Change Journal Host" entry
Many items retitled "Check" instead of "Select" for clarity
Other bugfixes
10/16/07 0.61 Repost journal server combo box now unlocked
09/17/07 0.60 LJ-Sec now supports communities. See documentation for notes!
LJ-Sec now has configuration management, including the ability to load and save various configuration for easy management of multiple journals.
You now can have a fixed journal file name that does not follow your journal name.
You can disable the refresh of the journal when you login.
Main journal and repost journal defaults are settable by the configuration manager.
Improved the resynchronization routine.
Added "select inverse" option. Added "select my posts only" option for community management.
08/13/07 0.56 Fixes Cyrillic issue with bulk find and replace
08/10/07 0.55 Fixes issue with Cyrillic text not outputting properly in tags and titles
Fixes date formatting issue for European users
Interface options (for reposting and logon) are now dropdowns
Journal files are now saved in SOAP format (.JRS) for cross-compatability
Added catch so that reposting to your own journal server is more difficult to do accidentally
Errors are now displayed in bulk at the end of the posting cycle instead of displaying each error at a time.
Added some more friendly error message explanations for Unicode issues and editing a deleted post
Other minor changes
06/06/07 0.51 Opens up LJ-Sec to 2.0 and 3.0 framework compatibility
05/31/07 0.5 Adds the ability to repost entries to other journal accounts
04/30/07 0.47 Additional UTF-8 fix -- fixes titles.
04/10/07 0.46 Fixed preview mode so that it views correctly in UTF-8 on all machines.
01/05/07 0.45 Custom user groups were not properly being counted if a user ever deleted a group. Fixed.
12/22/06 0.41 Fixed a synchronization issue
12/15/06 0.4 Added the ability to search and select items by searching subject line or tags
Added the ability to search for posts with no tags.
The search window previously would crash when searching on no terms; this has been fixed.
The preview window now shows tags.
Find and replace now has been extended to find and replace either/or the subject line, tags, or the journal entry itself.
Corrected some timing issues.
Corrected some documentation.
10/30/06 0.3 Added bulk delete option.
09/27/06 0.25 Changes the login text label to reflect the actual version instead of a static v0.1Beta
08/29/06 0.2 Bulk find and replace added
Fixed problems with saving tags in journals
Added Mono-compatible fork
07/14/06 0.1 Initial release
Copyright © 2006 Chad Gould