DOCUMENTATION: Offline editing

Offline editing

LJ-Sec is not intended to be a full-functioned Livejournal offline client; however, there may be an occasion where you would like to edit the cached data stored on your local PC (for instance, if you wish to change a bit of an entry before reposting the entry to another journal). LJ-Sec provides offline editing for this purpose.

Offline editing functions are accessed via the Journal / Offline editing menu item. In order for these menu items to be active, you need to highlight a journal entry by clicking on it with a mouse. (Unlike most journal items, you do not pick an item to edit by checking it.)

Offline editing can be done on three journal entry parts:

  • The tag. Select Edit tag to edit the journal entry's tag offline.
  • The subject. Select Edit subject to edit the journal entry's subject offline.
  • The actual journal entry itself. Select Edit entry in external editor to edit the journal entry offline.

    Journals are edited via an external editor program. By default, the entries are edited in Notepad. If you have a favorite editor, you can choose the Change External Editor menu item in order to change it.

    Use the folder icon to find the external editor program you wish to run, or type in the syntax of the editor program yourself. The external editor must be able to load a file from the command line. All external editor entries must have a %FILE% portion to tell LJ-Sec how to interact with the editor. Press the green check when the external editor is changed (or press the red X to cancel.)

    All edits are uncommitted -- and in fact, may be overwritten if you refresh the journal and have updated the entry you are working on! In order to save the journal entries online, you must highlight (not check) a journal entry, then click "Write selected entries in your journal".

    You may also check the modified journal entry and then repost it elsewhere. This a way to get a slightly different copy of an entry in another location.

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