DOCUMENTATION: Bulk Find and Replace

Bulk find and replace

Bulk find and replace is useful for replacing items that may have changed en masse within your journal. For instance, if a URL changes to a new location, you may want to use the bulk find and replace method to change all references to that URL.

To use bulk find and replace, simply select "Bulk Find And Replace" from the "Journal" menu.

Type the text to find, and type in the text you wish to replace the found text with. (Note: text search is case insensitive)

Use the checkboxes to tell LJ-Sec whether to replace text in tags, the subject line, or the actual post itself.

LJ-Sec by default will find and replace text in your entire journal. If you only want to find and replace entries in checked posts, select custom posts in the main security screen. Enter the find / replace screen, then check "Search selected items only". Only the custom posts you have checked will be searched.

LJ-Sec will let you know how many journal entries contain the phrase you are searching for. Click "Yes", and these phrases will be replaced. Simple, eh?

Copyright © 2006 Chad Gould