DOCUMENTATION: Checking Custom Posts

Using the post list

Below the top buttons that allow basic security changes, are a list of all your posts.

This list can be used to check custom items that you want to change the security of. All items that are checked will be changed to the security level marked at the top of the screen (the "to..." box). You can double-click any item to check or uncheck the post.

Selecting items in the "change post security" screen will automatically check posts of the corresponding security level below.

This list is sortable. Click on the column to sort the list by security, post date, or journal entry.

Right clicking on the list brings up the following menu options:

You can check ALL posts or uncheck ALL posts from here. You can also check public, private, or friends only posts. You can check the inverse of what is checked. For editing communities, the option exists to check only the posts that you yourself created.

You also have the ability to preview the post, delete the post, manage adult flags, or search your blog from this menu.

Previewing a post

NOTE: The ability to preview your posts is currently unavailable in the Mono fork of this application.

The post list only shows a portion of the entry. Long entries are truncated.

To view the full posts, use the preview (F8) function. This can be accessed via a button on the side:

Or you can access it via the "Journal" menu at the top of the screen.

A preview of the post will show up, with the post date, the security level, and the contents displayed like you were viewing it from a web browser. The subject of the post, and tags associated with the post -- if any -- are also displayed.

When finished with the preview, hit "close preview window" to exit.

Pretty simple.

Searching your journal

LJ-Sec contains the ability to search your journal for keywords, allowing you to check posts from searches.

To search your journal, hit the F3 key, or select "Search items to check..." from the Journal menu.

The find window will pop up.

Type in keywords that you wish to search for. The posts relating to the keyword will appear in the list below.

The check boxes below control where to search: the journal entry (checked by default), tags, or the subject line. You can search in any combination you wish.

By default, keywords are searched in AND mode -- that is, all search terms must be present. Use brackets [ ] to search for keywords in OR mode. If a search term includes a space, enclose it in quotes. Searches are case insensitive.

The following are example searches:

Happy Pony The post must contain the words "happy" and "pony" anywhere in it to match.
[Happy Pony] The post must contain EITHER "happy" or "pony" in it to match.
"Happy Pony" The post must contain the phrase "happy pony" in it to match.

Here's an example search which searches for posts with either "whatever" or "#4 private" in it, searching both tags and the journal entry.

Right click this list to bring up the menu. There's some check / uncheck options, and you can also preview a post that you've selected.

When you select OK , your posts that you checked in the find screen become the posts that are checked in the main screen. Hit Cancel to avoid the selection.

Copyright © 2006 Chad Gould