DOCUMENTATION: Quick Security Change

Quick security change

The easiest way to use LJ-SEC is to change your journal posts in bulk. The steps for doing this are as follows

  1. Log in as described in the documentation.
  2. LJ-Sec will automatically download and synchronize your posts.
  3. The main screen will open up.

  4. Focus on the top of the screen. I have colored the boxes in the picture below for emphasis.

    The "Change post security of..." options (the box marked GREEN above) allow you to check the posts you wish to convert. By default, all public posts are checked.

    You can also use the Selections menu to check all posts or other options.

  5. Using the "Change post security to..." options (the options marked RED above), select the security level that you want to convert your posts to.
    The default option is to convert checked posts to FRIENDS ONLY.
  6. Hit the GREEN button marked PROCESS SECURITY CHANGES (F10)

  7. Confirm that you want to change your journal entries.
  8. WAIT.
    (Changing entries can take some time.)
  9. Enjoy your newly secured (or unsecured) journal. :)
Copyright © 2006 Chad Gould