DOCUMENTATION: Advanced options

Property / metadata manipulation

LJ-Sec now offers options to directly manipulate the metadata / property tags stored inside your journal. (This is advanced, so if you do not know what this is, do not bother to edit!)

You can do this one of two ways:

  • Select a journal article, right click, select "Advanced / Edit meta data / property string directly". This will bring up a small dialog box with the contents of the property string in it directly. You can edit it as you need to.
  • Check any number of journal articles. Click "Journal / Advanced / Add edit delete property string of checked items" from the top menu. You will get this dialog box:

    Type the property you wish to manipulate at the top. (You can type multiple properties at once, separated by a |). If you are adding or editing a property, type the value you wish the property to be set to in the second box.

    If you click "add", LJ-Sec will cycle through the selected posts. If the value exists already, the property will be edited to reflect the new value. Elsewise, the value will be added to the journal entry's metadata collection.

    If you click "delete", LJ-Sec will cycle through the selected posts and delete the property from the journal's metadata collection.

    EXAMPLE: The above picture shows, for instance, if I wanted to change the checked journal entries to a new icon, with the keyword of "trs80", and also make the tag of this journal entry "trs80". I have "prop_picture_keyword|prop_taglist" as my "property to add" value to show that I want to manipulate two properties simultaneously, prop_picture_keyword and prop_taglist.

    Set Livejournal delay between call

    This allows you to set a delay between each web call to Livejournal, in case you start getting synchronization / "too many calls" errors. The value is in ms, and defaults to 0ms (no delay).

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