DOCUMENTATION: Adult flag management

Adult flag management

LJ-Sec now allows you to manage the adult content flags of your journal in bulk. This makes it easy to quickly flags groups of posts as having adult content, or not.

Checking posts by adult flag content

You can check posts that are either explicitly flagged as one of the three adult flag settings (none, "adult concepts", or "explicit"), or are set to the default journal setting, from the Journal menu. Simply select "Adult flag management" and choose one of the four "Check..." options:

Or, you can select posts by adult flag by right clicking on your posts:

Flagging checked posts as an adult setting

In the "Journal / Adult flag management" menu, below the four "Check..." options that allow you to check posts with certain adult flags, are four options that allow you to change the checked posts to a certain adult flag:

Simply select one of these menu items. Confirm that you want to change the adult flag of the checked items, then wait for all posts to be processed. That's all there is to it. :)

Show the adult flag setting for each post

At the bottom of the "Journal / Adult flag management menu" is an item that says "Show the adult flags in the journal list". This item will toggle the journal view so that, instead of the security setting being shown, the adult flag for each journal entry is shown.

The resulting journal list looks like this:

To revert back to the default security view, simply go back to the "Journal / Adult flag management". This menu item will now say "Show the security setting in the journal list". Select this menu item to return back to showing the security setting for each journal entry.

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