A Livejournal entry management tool


REQUIRES: .NET Framework 2.0 / 3.0, Internet Explorer 5.0

Mono fork available in downloads section

Stand-alone executable (for Mono etc.) available in the downloads section


  • Easily switch post group security levels (eg Public to Friends Only)
  • Custom-select posts to change the security of -- browse or find!
  • Creates a searchable archive of your journal
  • Bulk find and replace items in your journal
  • Bulk delete journal entries
  • Bulk post entries to other journals
  • Bulk manage your adult flags
  • Bulk add tags to your journal entries
  • Open source (C#)

Current version: 0.90 (03/13/12)

(Get public betas, stand-alone executables, older versions, and source here.)

DOCUMENTATION (version 0.90)

CAUTION: Because LJ-Sec directly processes journal entries, backing up your journal with a program like LJ-Archive is strongly recommended before using this program.

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